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When life gets hard and your path becomes unclear, call on
your Sofari to guide you through life's journey.

Welcome to Sofari Guide online.

Take a look around! You will find information on the brand, the animals and a complete bio about the designer and how Sofari Guide came to be. Shop with the complete product line available to purchase individually, or contact for wholesale purchases.




As a kid, I was often found doodling in English class instead of listening to the passionate discussions about Shakespeare or The Outsiders. In truth, I always knew that art was the field I was wired for, however there’s validity behind the all-too familiar term: “starving artist.” With that in mind, I found a stable gig as a  graphic designer for a pharma company. As you can imagine, the work became mundane and my creativity felt stifled. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized how important it was to show him that there’s success in following your dreams.

With that, I left my job to freelance full time. While my work still includes pharmaceutical design, I’ve been able to take on projects that challenge my creativity, one of my favorites being Sofari Guide.

This collection of spirit animals defines my journey, and reminds me that there are still hurdles to overcome, joys to be had, and opportunities to seek. I hope that Sofari Guide does the same for you and empowers you to boldly follow your own path. 



Questions, comments, or feedback? Please send us an email. We usually get back within 24 hours. Also, if you're interested in carrying Sofari Guide in your shop you can contact us here for wholesale inquiries. 

Sofrai_Web_Icons_email.png  |  Chester, New Jersey

Thanks! You'll here from me soon.

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